The name is kins… Buddykins

That introduction doesn’t sound very professional or James Bond-esque does it?

When going for walks in the park, I must maintain a certain image as a professional office dog, you know. Therefore being called Buddykins in front of other dogs in the park is a professional faux pas, plus no good for park cred either!

My dog and human colleagues won’t be able to take me seriously in security matters. “Budster” however or “The Budster” really does make a statement and creates an image of a cool, modern dog.  This is a point I will raise, so that it doesn’t happen in front of clients; surely this is something that HR Consultants should know?



4 thoughts on “The name is kins… Buddykins

  1. rumpydog says:

    Well, it could be worse. Your name could be Rumpy!!!!

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