The name is kins… Buddykins

That introduction doesn’t sound very professional or James Bond-esque does it?

When going for walks in the park, I must maintain a certain image as a professional office dog, you know. Therefore being called Buddykins in front of other dogs in the park is a professional faux pas, plus no good for park cred either!

My dog and human colleagues won’t be able to take me seriously in security matters. “Budster” however or “The Budster” really does make a statement and creates an image of a cool, modern dog.  This is a point I will raise, so that it doesn’t happen in front of clients; surely this is something that HR Consultants should know?



Taking on new jobs…

Hello all!

I feel that I am a fully fledged member of the team now at Roots HR. I have found my job as Office Dog to be varied and interested, and I feel everyone is following my security measures now. Namely only I am permitted to answer the door, greet visitors and screen them before coming on to the premises, audit everyone’s bags and the waste bins (when they haven’t been moved to a place I can’t reach) and confiscate any dangerous looking food items. Yes Louise your food was in breach of safety and you should thank me for removing it. That baked potato you had the other day looked iffy, but you kept it out of reach and I couldn’t inspect it. Similarly I was sure I could smell cupcakes, but couldn’t see them. Clearly an item that should be confiscated I’m sure you will agree.

Last week I accompanied Mum on some client visits, thus handling matters outside of the office. I have been to the YMCA in Worcester where it appears that trying to squeeze under a fence into an allotment of chickens to check the level of security was beyond my remit. I only realised that when Mum had to leave her phone call and come to stop me. It seems my eagerness to do well can work against me. I went to Worcestershire Association of Carers where I was on duty in the boot of the car in a shady spot with the window down and some zzzzz’s may have been heard. I also dozed in the car outside Symphony Hall, dreaming I could hear the CBSO rehearsing but Mum says they are on tour in Europe and it was probably some pop music in a pub in Brindley Place. I may need to work on musical appreciation techniques so I can fully understand our clients in the arts sector. Clearly a development need.

Turning now to another important HR topic, namely Wellbeing. When commuting into work by paw the other day I demonstrated a curious hobble which raised much human concern. This was great fun so I hobbled on 3 out of my 4 paws at different times to see what happened. This backfired on me somewhat as Mum started muttering about Attention Seeking and somebody else mentioned the V word. I attribute the hobble to going pogging with Mum, (which is power walking and jogging and apparently Very Good for Dogs). We switch between low and high intensity walking and jogging and go for quite a few miles. I think this may be impacting on my energy levels. I am a very fit dog but I need to be fully energised when I arrive at work. Pogging has resulted in some sleeping on the job, see picture, which was captured on camera. No one seems to mind this – in fact they encourage me to do it but the last thing I want is any excessive sleeping being regarded as a capability issue. That’s another thing, does sleeping time count towards working time? These things really need to be cleared up.

Until next time… I’ve just spotted a flapjack acting suspiciously…

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Inductions and Introductions… which Buddy the Office Dog enters gainful employment full of pride but soon despairs of his bosses.

Well hello humans! And of course any other animals able to access my blog. I am Buddy, the Office Dog at Roots Human Resources Community Interest Company. I am the pack leader for a human female who I call Mum and a human male who I call Dad. They are very difficult to lead but I am faithful and loyal to them and committed to training them to my standards even though it is slow progress.

I am a Staffordshire Bull Terrier so I am a very strong and handsome pack leader. There was a bit of a mix up with the humans somewhere along the way so I spent some time in a place called Forest Dog Rescue where they were very kind to me. Some humans are very strange and seem to think that being a Staffie and a Rescue dog, I will be fierce or dangerous. But I just needed a second (ok, well third) chance and Mum says that’s fine, there are plenty of humans like that too and in the human world those chances are called Marriages.

I always knew I had a good career ahead of me and since I had my chance, I can prove it! I started work at Roots HR about 3 months ago and I love my job. As Office Dog, my duties are to greet visitors Gently and to handle Security Matters. These duties are not always interesting enough so I have also taken on Shredding and Air Freshening, but there is another human mix up over these – more about those another time.

I was very happy with my Induction.  I was a bit nervous on my first day so I ran like mad round the office to get to know the layout and to find the fridge, had a mighty fine sniff and then found my bed and my water bowl, all waiting for me.  I felt so happy. I could tell that another dog had slept on my office bed before me but I didn’t mind because it had a clean cover so I knew I was welcome.

There are other humans in the office who seem to treat Mum as their pack leader when she is there but really we all know it is me. There is Louise who is an HR Consultant and who likes to share her lunch with me. This only happens when she has left the office and involves  a sprightly leap from me into a revolving chair, a quick nip up onto her desk to reach said lunch and a great deal of human shouting when she comes back. Then there is Tony our Marketing Intern who talks to his little brothers at home about me. He is very kind to me and I sometimes help him with words for twoofs and blogs. He has a very interesting rucksack. We have Deirdre who is also a Consultant. On a routine check of her handbag over the month of December , I found a very cheeky satsuma which I immediately confiscated and ate in the interests of security.

I have special work to do with Emma our Accounts Clerk as she is very nervous of dogs. On days when Emma is in, Mum shouts Gently at me quite a lot. I spend lots of time with Emma, rushing up to her to show her how gentle I am and sitting under her desk to get her used to dogs. And then we have Shona our cleaner. She hoovers up my dog hairs and shakes up my bed to get the lumps out and sometimes she walks me. Mum says we are very Lucky To Have These People and it is a Mystery To Her How They Put Up With Me. I don’t know why Mum says that.

As time has gone on, I am becoming concerned about my rights as an Office Dog. I am entitled to a Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment after 8 weeks, setting out my working hours, walk times, dog treat entitlements and other benefits and I have not received this. And this same document should describe my work duties, which would sort out the mix up over the shredding responsibilities, I’m sure. I don’t understand what they do in HR consultancy but they are obviously not good at managing dogs. I am due my 3 month Probation review any day now so I will raise these matters then and let you know how I get on.

Most days I commute to the office and back on paw, pulling Mum along. Sometimes we walk along the canal and Mum doesn’t need me to pull her any more and lets me off the lead. She says it’s ok because I can only go forwards and backwards on a tow path so there is a Limit To The Amount Of Trouble I can get into. I don’t know why she says that, either.

Buddy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Forest Dog Rescue in the Wyre Forest and lives in North Worcestershire on the edge of a beautiful local park. He works as the Office Dog at Roots HR CIC, the UK’s first and only human resources consultancy specialising in services for small and medium sized civil society employers and trading as a social enterprise. When not working, his hobbies are walking his humans, barking at next door’s dog and chasing ducks. You can follow him on Twitter @BuddyBlog and catch occasional mentions on Facebook on the RootsHR page.