Dogs are extremely talented

At the weekend on the UK’s biggest talent show, Britain’s Got Talent, Pudsey the dog and her owner Ashleigh made history by becoming the first ever dog act to win the competition.  Wow, Pudsey’s moves were amazing and he didn’t seem fazed at all by all the bright lights. It shows just how amazing dogs can be, with even a humble dog like me learning to shake hands, give high fives and sit in chairs; all useful for my role as Office Dog at Roots HR.

Pudsey showed that dogs have developed their skills from classic tricks like “roll over” or “play dead” to more flashy moves like moving on 2 legs, balancing on humans’ backs and jumping through tight spaces.  I so wanted Pudsey and Ashleigh to win that I rung the voting number many times. I heard Dad say it was a premium line number, probably means that it’s a specially made line to handle all the calls and let me tell you, I made sure it was well used! I’m sure Dad will be so pleased at the number of times I voted when he gets the bill.

On the subject of skills, I am working hard to develop mine so that I can be an even better Office Dog. I’ve recently tried my paw at staff engagement by striking up a conversation with Cathi, one of our new consultants, though I don’t think my continuous barking had the desired effect. She looked a bit shaken actually and Mum had to come down from her office upstairs and explain how I can be a bit misunderstood. Apparently staff engagement is all about the discretionary effort you humans bring to your work – the bit your employer can’t pay you for – and it is greatly influenced by the relationship you have with your line manager and colleagues. This does not necessarily include dogs apparently. Cathi has been Out With Clients and Working From Home since then and Mum says that was Going to Happen Anyway so I haven’t scared her off. I think she is still talking to Mum. She has a very interesting bag that she brings with her when she comes here but strangely she keeps it on top of the desk when she is here. I can’t think why.

I’ve also amended my diet to include more fruit, ensuring that I get my 5 a day including tropical varieties like pineapple and mango. This will help keep me active and agile so that I carry out my security duties more quickly, leap up to confiscate dangerous items where necessary (Louise, I’ve got my eye on your very threatening biscuits) and run away when Mum tries to take shredding items away from me. Trust me, dog shredding is the most effective form of disposal and I need to be left to do my job. She has tried to separate me from the items I plan to shred with a fine looking banana, but I am too professional to shirk my duties.  I will remind Mum of this display of tenacity and professionalism at my now very overdue probation review (taps paw patiently).



Time for my close up!

Tony our intern tells me that I really need to start putting more pictures on the blog, but thing is I just don’t like my picture being taken. Any time something is pointed at me I just feel so self conscious and start barking, plus that flashy thing on the camera is really unnerving.  Even when Mum tries to take a picture with her mobile phone instead of a camera (thinks she can trick me eh) I move my head to the side and look the other way, so you just get a side view. Though I don’t have a bad profile  (I put that down to my handsome  features) Tony says everyone wants to see my face and my array of expressions. I can be very animated which apparently makes you humans laugh.

 Apart from being a bit camera-shy, I think I am developing well in my role and gaining the skills required to operate an effective security department at Roots HR. I can shake hands with visitors and sit in chairs when I have security department meetings.  However I must buy some good quality dog biscuits and water bowls for the next meeting.  I can also celebrate when we gain a new client by doing a high 5! And I can chase my tail but we haven’t found a use for that skill in the office yet. You should see me drink from my water bowl after my walk into the office or a really good tail-chasing session. I drink with a rhythmic slurping for about 3 minutes without taking a breath and my name tags bangs against the side of the bowl.  Mum says it makes a sound like a San Francisco tram. Apparently that’s a great source of human entertainment.

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In the meantime, here are some photos of me practicing sitting at a table in readiness for office meetings. it just happens to be a dining table and these photos capture my sequence of expressions when I see a plate of food pass me by.